Road Closures

The following are road closures or other problems in the NYC Metro Area that may affect our routes.

Greenway Between 181 and Dyckman

The greenway along the Hudson River in Manhattan between 181 and Dyckman will be closed for four months starting just after Memorial Day (longer if there are delays). While it’s not good that they’re not providing a safe alternate route (Broadway is not safe – they should be taking a lane from the Parkway which is never at capacity in that area), the retaining wall is in horrible shape in that area and collapse of the entire greenway is possible, so the project is warranted.

County Road in Cresskill, NJ

…had a bridge wash out during a big storm in the fall of 2021 – near where County Road does a big turn. (See the picture at the top of the page). Here is the location of the bridge and a detour that cyclists can take…

Bridge washout and cycling detour – County Road in Cresskill, NJ

NOW PASSABLE “River Road” – Henry Hudson Drive in Palisades Interstate Park

…had sections that were washed out in a storm in September 2021. According to people who’ve ridden it, it’s kinda passable, but still has issues. This was its state just after the storm…

Are we missing any?

If you know of other problem areas that should be on our list, please email us or leave a comment below. Thanks!

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