About CycRte

CycRte (pronounced “psych route”) is a club for people who like to create cycling routes. Informal small cycling clubs that aren’t big enough to warrant their own RWGPS club account are welcome to use selected routes in CycRte’s route library. CycRte also offers an inexpensive subscription for individuals who simply want to browse the route library and use routes created by CycRte members.

We currently have about 300 routes in our library – a mix of long and short routes, and gravel and paved routes. Currently our routes are mostly in the NYC Metro Area and they prioritize low-traffic roads and multi-use pathways. If you’re looking to go fast in a straight line, we’re probably not the right route library for you. This website features some of the routes in the CycRte library, but there are many more available. Feel free to browse our curated collections of routes – some of which are publicly accessible.


CycRte builds and distributes our routes using Ride With GPS – which we believe is the best routing software available for cycling. With RWGPS you can:

  1. Create routes (but it’s complicated, so we take care of that for the people who use our routes).
  2. Find routes created by other people (like the ones in our route library).
  3. Use those routes to navigate when you’re out on a ride.

RWGPS’ navigation queues are some of the best in the business, but we double check the queues to make sure they’re correct and clear, and add in useful local knowledge such as:

  • Highly descriptive queues for confusing turns
  • Queues and icons on the route map that tell you where you can get food/fluids and public restrooms
  • Queues that tell you the length and grade of long hills (useful when you can’t see the top of the hill)
  • Queues that tell you when you enter a new town, so you have some sense where you are

(Not all routes have all of those types of queues.)

RWGPS routes can be used with 3rd party navigation devices such as Garmin or Wahoo devices. You can download the files you need and use the device you’re accustomed to. But realize that if your device doesn’t clearly communicate the queues we’ve built into the route, you may not fully benefit from everything our routes have to offer.

If you don’t have a navigation device, you can use the RWGPS app – which works best if you have your phone mounted on your handlebars in front of you, using something like a QuadLock mount.

RWGPS offers both a free version of their app as well as a couple paid plans that give you additional features. The most useful of those features is “offline mode” which makes it so you use much less battery during your ride. If you’re using the free version of RWGPS we offer a subscription which lets you use our routes in offline mode without having to pay for a RWGPS plan.

CycRte Membership Is Free

Membership is free to people who enjoy creating cycling routes. Simply send us an email and explain your interests and level of experience with routing.

Free Access For Small Clubs

For small cycling clubs/groups with no membership dues – we’re happy to give leaders of the club full access and they in turn can give their club members access to the routes their club uses.

While club leaders will have full access to our route library, other club members…

  • Can only access routes their club uses
  • Can freely use their club’s routes with navigation devices (e.g. Garmin, Wahoo)
  • Can freely use their club’s routes with the RWGPS app in offline (battery saving) mode only if they have a paid version of RWGPS or have a CycRte subscription.

If you’d like your club to use routes from CycRte, please email us and explain your situation and needs.


CycRte offers a paid subscription which includes:

  • Full access to our library
  • The ability to use any of our routes in offline (battery saving) mode with the free version of the RWGPS app

As mentioned above a subscription is not necessary if you just want to access/use your club’s routes and you have a navigation device or a paid version of RWGPS.

Subscriptions help us offset the time and cost of building and maintaining the route library. (It’s not about making a profit.)

Cost: $10/year.

To subscribe, click the button below. After you’ve paid you’ll be taken to the page on RWGPS’ website where you can sign up and get access to our RWGPS “club”. If you have any problems with that process, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email.


If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to email us – info@cycrte.com